The Build

Sharlin Health offers B12, zinc, and magnesium supplements in Springfield to treat various deficiencies and restore optimal health. My Build Group contains four products that I have found most people need. After years of in-depth testing in my Brain Tune Up! Program I discovered how widespread it is to identify deficiencies in magnesium, zinc, and B-vitamins. Statistically, up to 30% of people may have a magnesium deficiency, and 70% may be deficient in zinc. Consider the number whose levels are below optimal (not just deficient), and you can imagine how high the percentages get, especially among those with neurological conditions. Thus, our clinic offers effective and natural B12, zinc, and magnesium supplements, allowing people to live healthier lives!

I also see a lot of B12 deficiency. But because 80% of the population carry a genetic variant that makes it difficult for them to use the vitamin folate – even when they have enough in their diet – they need the active form of folate found in Neuro Active B. Finally, I love the hypoallergenic, clean, and super creamy Nourishment Protein Powder, perfect for smoothies and made even better with a probiotic for extra digestive support.

You will not be disappointed with our B12, magnesium, and zinc tablets offered at our Springfield clinic. Call us today to schedule an appointment!