Radical Protection with Brain Support Supplements — Springfield

Our Springfield clinic's brain support supplements — My Radical Protection Group — can help you improve your health and quality of life. My
Radical Protection Group contains five products that cater to those who want to take their supplementation to the next level.

It starts with my Advanced Brain Support containing nutrients that help calm the brain while opening the gate to improved memory, fat-burning for energy, and a powerful antioxidant for brain protection.

Speaking of antioxidants, my Neuro E and Neuro Lipoic Acid are formulated to protect brain mitochondria, those energy-producing factories of the cell which, when broken, are associated with conditions like Parkinson’s disease and ALS. I’ve also put my hormone support in the Radical Protection Group. This includes BTU DIM, which supports optimal estrogen metabolism and increases free testosterone, and iNeuro Thyroid Support, which gives people the iodine and selenium that is critical for making thyroid hormone and for the developing brain. 

Contact us today to learn more about our brain support supplements offered at our Springfield clinic! We have vitamins for memory, energy, and weight loss!